My Ideation Projects

Here I will share my ideas on which apps and webpages need editing to make their user experiences better and less painful.

1. This first one is an app for toddlers to learn about family members and feelings.

Comments: What you see here is the opening/home screen. It is very simple, which is okay, but it does not give clear instructions for the user on what to do with the two pictures labled “My family” and “Feelings.”  This leaves the user wondering what they should do.

Solution: Put some instruction text above the two pictures. Example text: Press the pictures to learn family names and feeling words.

This is how I would improve the UX Content:

2. This second app is an email app for

Design Problem: The icon for telling the user how to select the emails is not intuitive. It makes the user experience difficult because the user does not know what to press to select their emails in order to put them in the trash.

Screenshot 1.

Screenshot (24)_LI

Screenshot 2.

Screenshot (25)

Solution: Change the icon to a more intuitive design. Remove the icon completely. Many people are used to the gmail app, in which you just select the circle next to the email to delete the email with ease. This will be a more intuitive design.


edited app

3. This third app is the Expedia app for travel planning.

UX Design problem: The icon that signifies going back to the HOME screen is not very clear to the user what it is for because it is the the company logo, thus making the user confused which icon he/she should touch.

Screenshot (27)_LI

Solution: Change the icon to a HOME icon, like a house, which is more universal for signifying going back to the home screen.

Screenshot (27)

4. page design options

Design Problem: As a user I want to be able to change the color of the Page Title so when the mouse travels over it the words are not white, but another color. There are not any text editing options, which makes it very frustrating as a user. Also, for the description, there aren’t any font or text color options.

Screenshot (29)

UX Design Solution:  Add editing options for the Page Title. Add text color selection options and font options for the Description.

Edited Squarespace options

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